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COMFORT FOR ALL! :-) Our throwbee and OmniRobe provide versatile comfort for people and pets while helping shelter dogs in need. With every product you purchase, Kona Benellie will give a new blanket to a shelter dog. Your comfort becomes their comfort. Read Our Story of Comfort, Kindness, and Shelter Dogs. Our Story of giving becomes Your story of giving, and impacts the life of a dog forever. Buy now - it's fast and easy.

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Kona Pet Blanket
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Kona Pet Blanket
OmniRobe™ 4-in-1 Versatile Bathrobe
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OmniRobe™ 4-in-1 Versatile Bathrobe
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From our customers...
"Wore my throwbee during every chemo treatment. Kept me comfy and warm." 
- Alexis
"...perfect for the whole family. Pets and humans! Great creation!" 
- Dawn
"I LOVE my Throwbee and I'm glad I bought two because my daughter always takes one!!"
 - Michelle
"the throwbee is soft and sumptuous ... first-class."
- S. Bryant 
"...love it!! Wear it all the time and no worry about tripping when I walk"  
- Holly

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